The Avancini brand has been operating in the food machinery sector since 1963.

It combines attention to technological innovation, the quality of materials and the Italian flair for design, to create a wide range of mixers that meet all the needs of the bread-making industry.

logo Kemplex simply pastry

Kemplex has been recognised as a solid and reliable brand for the pastry sector since 1986.

The flagship products of the company are its dough sheeters, but the offered range also includes planetary mixers. All products are characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio and manufactured using selected materials, and are the result of a technological research focusing on efficiency and ease of use.

Logo La Pastaia

La Pastaia is the brand that specialises in the production of fresh pasta machines.

These machines are the expression of Italian excellence that brings technology and reliability to the service of restaurants, gastronomy, artisan workshops and communities, making the most of all the creativity, tradition and taste expressed by pasta.

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